Carlos Burgess Art 2019

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the color-flow


Digital Art 

This is a digital art painting that I did in the Procreate software.  I did this roughly 10 months ago.  I wasn't sure what to make of it.  However I'm going to put it out to the world and hopefully you guys won't crush me too hard.

Off-Script Harmony

Acrylic on tile Coated with Resin


This is a unique project that i'm currently working on.  its an acrylic painting on a 12"x 24" porcelain tile.  I'm covering it with clear resin and with the resin I'm creating this layer/three dimensional effect.  Its hard to see it now because I'm in the early stages of this project.

Blue Flora

30" x40"Acrylic on Canvas

Worked on this last night and all day today.  Finished product pic coming soon