Carlos Burgess Art 2019

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Miss Gabon

Digital oil painting.  Portrait Study

This is a digital oil painting that I did to sort of train myself in dealing with oil paints.  I plan to do some real actual oil paintings and get more into learning about the medium in 2020.  Can't wait!




Acrylic on Canvas


This is an acrylic pour using two different styles:  DUtch pour and String pull.  You'll see more of this combination of acrylic pours with different colors and paint surfaces later on in the winter time.  Check for y'all its comin'

A Break in the Clouds

30" x40"Acrylic on Canvas

This is a seascape acrylic painting that I did to help sell a home in the North-End Community of the Oceanfront here in Virginia Beach, VA.  I plan on doing some landscape work for staggers in the real estate field that need art to help promote homes that have gone on into the market.